Technical Specifications

The theatre is a studio arrangement with a curtained end stage on the same level as the flat auditorium.

The stage is a flat floor, 7m by 7m, made of wood blocks. It has a slight lip around the edge. Items cannot be fixed or screwed to this floor.

1.5m of the stage depth is in the form of an apron in front of the main house tabs. There is very little wing space, only about 1m per side.

There is a roll up cyclorama cloth at the rear of the stage fitted to raising and lowering gear on 4 hemp lines. This cloth is approx. 1m from the black rear wall and thus allows the only cross over access.

There are three other hemp line sets; one at the rear of the stage in front of the rear blacks; one centre stage and one a one third stage depth.

The stage is a black box. It is traversed by 3 black, one in front of the cyc; one black at 2/3 stage depth and a silver and black set, both at 1/3 stage depth.

The stage is fitted with two border curtains, which can be tracked in when required. These curtains are rope controlled from stage right. The front curtains are winch controlled from front stage left.

Cast access to the stage is via a spiral staircase from the dressing rooms or from the first floor foyer.

The auditorium has retractable raked seating in two blocks with a central isle and a total of 176 seats. The whole stage can be viewed from all seats.

2 wheel chairs can be accommodated in this format.

Staging can also be in the round with seating on the stage and along the sides in loose chairs.

Cabaret style is also available with seating for 100 at tables and chairs.

If any technical equipment is to be used in the theatre, at least one of the theatre technicians must be in attendance at all times.

Access to the theatre is via the front entrance and a passenger size lift or via a wide single span metal staircase on the outside of the building.

This staircase has vehicle access to the base for medium or small van’s but will not allow lorry or pantechnicon access.

Large items should be accessed via the staircase as large double height, double width doors are fitted at the entrance to the theatre.

Parking is in a large car park at the front of the building. It is restricted to 3hrs up until 6pm after which there are no restrictions. For afternoon shows or early get ins a pass can be provided but 2 weeks advance notice is required.

Further information on the theatre, including stage management, theatre plans and lighting and power can be found here: www.gedling.gov.uk/leisure/boningtontheatre/

People sitting in the theatre